100 Freelancer Tax Deductions You May be Eligible for

May 18, 2023
by workmade
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Did you know that you can save money on taxes by taking advantage of business expenses?

Hey Freelancers! Did you know that you can save money on taxes by taking advantage of business expenses? Business expenses are costs that are necessary for running your business, and they can be used to reduce your taxable income and lower the amount of taxes you owe.

The IRS defines a business expense as a cost that is both ordinary and necessary. An ordinary expense is one that is common and accepted in your particular line of work. A necessary expense is one that is helpful and appropriate for your business. Examples of business expenses that may be deductible include supplies, equipment, travel expenses, and marketing costs.

To help you identify all the business expenses that you can deduct from your taxes, we've put together a list of 100 freelancer tax deductions. These deductions include home office expenses, travel expenses, business-related subscriptions and publications, legal and accounting fees, retirement plan contributions, and more.

It's important to keep accurate records of all your business-related expenses to make sure that you can take advantage of every deduction that you're entitled to. This includes keeping receipts, invoices, and bank statements, and using accounting software to track your expenses and income.

So, if you're a freelancer, understanding business expenses and tax deductions is key to keeping more of your hard-earned money in your pocket. With our list of 100 freelancer tax deductions, you'll be able to maximize your tax savings and invest back into your business. And as always, if you're unsure about anything related to taxes, it's always best to consult with a tax professional.

If you're a WorkMade user, you can just use your WorkMade card for your business expenses and we'll find the write-offs for you for free, potentially savings you thousands of dollars.

100 Freelancer Tax Deductions for Freelancers and solopreneurs:

  1. Home office expenses
  2. Office supplies and equipment
  3. Website design and maintenance
  4. Business insurance premiums
  5. Rent or lease payments for business property
  6. Business travel expenses (e.g., airfare, hotel accommodations)
  7. Meals and entertainment expenses for business purposes
  8. Professional development courses and conferences
  9. Legal and accounting fees
  10. Business association membership fees
  11. Advertising and promotional expenses
  12. Cost of goods sold (if applicable)
  13. Telephone and internet expenses
  14. Depreciation on assets used in your business
  15. Business-related subscriptions and publications
  16. Bank and credit card fees
  17. Interest paid on business loans
  18. Health insurance premiums
  19. Retirement plan contributions
  20. Self-employment taxes
  21. State and local taxes
  22. Business-related licenses and permits
  23. Fees for outsourcing work
  24. Office cleaning and maintenance
  25. Business-related books and educational materials
  26. Computer software and hardware
  27. Business-related legal fees
  28. Postage and shipping costs
  29. Online advertising expenses
  30. Travel expenses for business purposes
  31. Business-related seminars and conferences
  32. Office furniture and fixtures
  33. Utility bills
  34. Graphic design and printing services
  35. Business-related phone and fax expenses
  36. Business-related software subscriptions
  37. Security systems and services
  38. Business-related training courses
  39. Business-related meals and entertainment
  40. Transportation costs
  41. Business-related rental expenses
  42. Continuing education expenses
  43. Business-related memberships
  44. Business-related charitable contributions
  45. Business-related coaching or consulting services
  46. Business-related website hosting and maintenance
  47. Business-related legal and accounting software
  48. Business-related education and training expenses
  49. Business-related hardware and software upgrades
  50. Business-related conferences and seminars
  51. Business-related supplies and equipment
  52. Business-related phone and internet services
  53. Business-related home office improvements
  54. Business-related research expenses
  55. Business-related entertainment expenses
  56. Business-related vehicle expenses
  57. Business-related promotional expenses
  58. Business-related customer gifts
  59. Business-related continuing education courses
  60. Business-related accounting and bookkeeping fees
  61. Business-related tax preparation fees
  62. Business-related travel expenses (mileage, parking, tolls)
  63. Business-related internet service provider fees
  64. Business-related website development fees
  65. Business-related website design fees
  66. Business-related website hosting fees
  67. Business-related website content creation fees
  68. Business-related website marketing expenses
  69. Business-related website analytics fees
  70. Business-related website optimization fees
  71. Business-related website security fees
  72. Business-related website performance monitoring fees
  73. Business-related website domain registration fees
  74. Business-related website email marketing fees
  75. Business-related website affiliate marketing fees
  76. Business-related website social media marketing fees
  77. Business-related website search engine optimization (SEO) fees
  78. Business-related website pay-per-click (PPC) advertising fees
  79. Business-related website retargeting fees
  80. Business-related website content management system (CMS) fees
  81. Business-related website content management fees
  82. Business-related website email hosting fees
  83. Business-related website email management fees
  84. Business-related website email autoresponder fees
  85. Business-related website customer relationship management (CRM) fees
  86. Business-related website customer support fees
  87. Business-related website live chat fees
  88. Business-related website helpdesk fees
  89. Business-related website project management fees
  90. Business-related website time tracking fees
  91. Business-related software licenses and subscriptions
  92. Business-related storage and backup services
  93. Business-related translation and interpretation services
  94. Business-related transcription services
  95. Business-related virtual assistant services
  96. Business-related video conferencing software and services
  97. Business-related website accessibility services
  98. Business-related website content writing and editing services
  99. Business-related website video production and editing services
  100. Business-related website photography and image editing services

Each individual and business tax situation is different and unique so WorkMade does not provide specific tax advice, only supplying general information based on information published by various taxing authorities, which may change over time.

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