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that gets you paid fast and pays your taxes even faster.
- built for the self-employed

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a phone showing how the WorkMade app automates sax savings for self-employed people.

Effortlessly manage and pay your taxes in-app
- no accountant necessary

We automatically set aside what you owe for your state and federal income taxes - both for quarterly and end of year. When it's time to file, WorkMade handles it all for you, in-app.

We paid your taxes and saved you $1,000 in write-offs.

Forget stacks of receipts, confusing tax forms, and dodgy accountants
- we automate it

As you earn and spend money on your business, the WorkMade app does the work in the background.

- $38.01 Dropbox
We applied a $8.61 write-off.

Get paid faster, with easy invoicing & quick payouts
- stop waiting for your cash

No more wondering if you'll ever get paid. WorkMade gets your money fast when you need it.

Julie B. just paid you $6000
We autosaved $1500 for taxes

Better than a bank
- and faster too

Easily send and receive money through wire transfer, ACH, and check deposits. Cash out your earnings instantly.
You can even mail a check directly from the app.

Real-time, real-
human support.
Fee-free instant transfers,
checks, and ATMs.
60 second sign up.
Zero credit checks.