Freelance content writers, forget your taxes forever.

WorkMade works like magic to automate your income taxes, find your write-offs, and get you paid fast. Work on the sh*t you love without stressing about the boring stuff.

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No forms.
No bookkeeper.
No problem.

Work without the worry.

We set aside what you owe as you earn.

We’ll pay your taxes in app.

Questions? Chat with an expert in app.

Put your taxes on autopilot

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Automate write-offs, receipts, and returns

As you earn and spend money on your business, the WorkMade app works in the background to save you money.

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Save money with every purchase

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Effortlessly manage & pay your taxes in-app

WorkMade automatically sets aside what you owe for state and federal income taxes. When it’s time to file, we handle it all for you in app — no accountant necessary.

takes 60 seconds to sign up

Designed with writers in mind.

Send your clients payable invoices in 30 seconds.

No hidden fees or credit checks.

All your business income and expenses in one place.


Who is WorkMade for?

WorkMade is designed for anyone who earns self-employment income and files taxes as an independent contractor in the U.S.

WorkMade is a great fit if you are a:

  • Freelancer
  • Sole proprietor
  • 1099 contractor
  • Single-member LCC

You can use WorkMade whether you are self-employed full-time or part-time. We cover anything from side hustle to business-of-one!

Note: We do not support taxes for S-corps, C-corps, or Non-Profits at this time.

How much does WorkMade Cost?

WorkMade is free to join! No monthly fees or subscriptions required. You can use your account for income and expenses, find write-offs and manage tax savings all for free.

We charge industry-standard payment processing rates if you use our invoicing tool:

  • 1% on pay by bank and wire transfer
  • 2.9% +$0.30 on credit/debit card payments

We charge $35 per quarterly tax payment. If you don’t pay your taxes with us, you don’t pay the fee. We are committed to being the easiest and most cost-effective option on the market.

How does WorkMade figure out my taxes?

We take into consideration factors like your income and state of residence to build your tax profile.

As taxable income is added to your account, we sort and set aside what you owe to the IRS in a tax savings account.

In addition, as you spend money on your business, WorkMade identifies and classifies tax-deductible expenses and contributions to lower your overall tax bill.

In other words, you earn and spend on your business as normal and we take care of everything else!

Note: Each individual and business tax situation is different and unique so WorkMade does not provide specific tax advice, only supplying general information based on information published by various taxing authorities, which may change over time.